We would like to invite you to watch the play Ħolm tal-Milied? during these Christmas holidays.  This play to commemorate the 800 year anniversary of the first crib was part of the Christmas concert which was held at school. Students and staff took part in this play, which was adapted by Mr Darrel Pace, one of our Maltese teachers based on the book by Trevor Zahra, Ħolm Tal-Milied? and directed by Mr Pace himself together with Ms Shaian Debono, our Drama teacher.  Filming by Kurt Caruana and editing by Mr Warren Busuttil.

You Tube Link  – https://youtu.be/2t8PpTBvjGY?feature=shared

Tuesday 19th December – A number of 280 students accompanied by members of staff worked on activities to give services and make a difference in other people’s lives.  Our school band and some other students visited Rainbow Ward and sang songs for the sick children.  Another group went to Dar tal-Kleru to visit old priests and another group went to Apap Institute and organised a tombola for the old people residing at the home.

Another group gathered in the Home Economics Lab to bake muffins for a cake sale.  The money collected from this sale was donated to Dar Bjorn.  A group of students went to the Malta International Airport to distribute Christmas cards to the tourists arriving to Malta or departing back to their country, another group went to Ċentru Loop to prepare presents and decorate and help in Marta’s kitchen, another group went to Dar il-Ħanin Samaritan to pick up oranges from the garden and sell these oranges.  The money collected was donated to Dar il-Ħanin Samaritan.  Another group of students remained at school and organised a car wash to collect money to buy the gifts for the tombola while another four groups organised a clean up at school, at the Tomasina cat sanctuary, and at Xgħajra and Qajjenza beaches.

We congratulate these students who commit themselves to organise these acts of generosity.  This is how we should celebrate Christmas.  We wish them the wisdom to keep up these experiences as they grow up.  We thank our Pastoral Care team who co-ordinated these voluntary activities and the members of staff who accompanied them.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us – John 1:14

May God who decided to become human like us in all things but sin,

continue to bless you and your loved ones with his love, presence and infinite light.

May you rejoice at his coming throughout the coming New Year.


L-Iben t’Alla sar bniedem u għammar fostna. Ġw 1:14

Jalla l-Mulej Ġesù li sar bniedem bħalna minbarra fid-dnub,

ikompli jbierek lilek u l-maħbubin tiegħek bl-imħabba, bil-preżenza u bid-dawl infinit tiegħu.

Jalla tithenna bil-miġja tiegħu matul is-sena l-ġdida.

Thursday, 21st December was a day dedicated to our school staff.  First we gathered at the Mellieha MUSEUM for mass celebrated by Fr Carl Sultana.  After our pastoral care team organised a special COPE session were our staff shared together their love for the school, towards the students and towards each other.  It was a special moment where various members of staff shared their personal experiences.  The Headmaster thanked everyone for their love and dedication towards the school and our students and encouraged all to keep up their commitment.  We then left for lunch together.  We thank God for these special moments we share as a community at St Michael School.


On Wednesday, 20th December everyone gathered in the school hall for the much-awaited yearly activity St Michael Got Talent.

Wednesday, 20th December was another full day of fun activities at school.  After assembly our students gathered in 3 groups for some time of prayer and reflection.  Soon after, all students had their class Christmas party. After the party everyone gathered in the school hall for the much-awaited yearly activity St Michael Got Talent.  Everyone was happy to watch funny clips and sing songs together.

The Headmaster wished a Happy Christmas to everyone and restful holidays to our staff and students.

On Tuesday, 19th December we held the procession with Baby Jesus followed by mass which was celebrated in the school hall by Fr Carl Mario Sultana.  It was such a lovely scene to see our Year 11 students carrying Baby Jesus and our Year 7 and 8 students accompanying them with band instruments.  Soon after a number of 280 students accompanied with members of staff took part in voluntary initiatives in various activities.  After we had the final game of the football league between our teachers and Year 11 students.

During the first term of this scholastic year a group of Year 11 students and a group of staff members took part in the Joseph Agius 7 a-side football league.  This year two teams from each Year 11 class and one team made up of staff members took part in this league.  After a ballot, the teams were divided in two groups.  The first two teams from each group passed for the semi-final.  The Year 11CB team and the team made up of staff members won and on Tuesday, 19th December they played the final game.  The team of staff members won the final with a score of

3-1.  While we congratulate all the students and staff members for participating, we thank the PE teachers for organising this league.

Thursday, 14th December – During the first term our Year 9 Prince’s Trust students worked on a project as a team.  They showed interest in taking part in a Christmas Market organized by the Prince’s Trust Achieve and HSBC during the month of December and sell Christmas products.  They decided to make gluten free coconut balls, vegan oreo logs, gingerbread mix and muffin mix.  They also designed labels to stick on the products.  Our students geared up and bought the necessary ingredients to prepare the products.  Finally, the day arrived for our students to go and sell the products they prepared at the Christmas Market.  This activity helped our students to work in a team and produce together these items.  We appreciate the work done by Ms Rachel Aquilina, Ms Laura Cachia and Ms Domenique Vella for their dedication and help they give to our students.