Lesson 4

Email and Snail Mail

  • A way of sending messages over the Internet ...Just as sending a letter
  • Each user is given a mailbox, a reserved space on a server ...Your letter box
  • This reserved space can be accessed by a user name and a password ...You only have access to your mail
  • The user name is the word in front of the @ symbol. What comes after is the name of the server where your mail is saved ...Your address is the means for others to send you mail
  • Messages received as saved in the mail box ...Held in your letter box

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Email


  • Reduces use of paper
  • Faster than snail mail
  • Can send same letter to many at once


  • Messages can only be sent to those who have an e-mail address
  • Physical packs cannot be sent
  • Transmission of malicious data

Assignment 4

Send an e-mail with the following information:

To:   [email protected]
Subject:   your name, surname and class - assignment 4
Main Text:   Answer the following questions:
1) Who invented the email?
2) In which year was the email invented?
3) What do the acroynms CC and BCC stand for?
4) What is the difference in use between CC and BCC?


  • Webopedia Computer Dictionary (on-line): http://www.webopedia.com